Song Workshops

Classes explore:

  • Techniques to help uncover and reveal your own unique voice

  • Expanding repertoire of potent songs

  • Understanding more about vocal range, dynamics, pitch and timbre

  • Introducing a wide variety of engrossing musical genres

  • Harmonising and varying the experience and presentation of songs

  • Exploring and discovering unique, distinctive vocal soundscapes

  • Songs that impassion

  • Learning about vocal anatomy, style, phrasing, song interpretation and ornamentation

  • Enhancing performance technique, stage presence and microphone technique

  • Looking at two, three, four part harmonies in songs

  • Breath control, intonation, vocal range

  • Releasing and setting in motion songwriting potential and skills

'Music: In Search of Song,'

An interview I gave for DublinCity Radio FM

Various artists about their relationship to singing.

My interview begins 26min in

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